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work application

work application

لكل المتقدمين الرجاء احضار صورة هويه و الطلب  الموقع ,اضافة الى صور الشهادات الى مقر الجمعيه الكائن في الخليل. طلعة مستشى عاليه . عمارة القدس . الطابق الارضي 

Job opportunity 

Green land society for health development is a none profitable organization located  in Hebron. GLSHD is promoting health and environmental issues in Palestine. By support of the European Union, GLSHD is conducting  an E. Waste environmental impact and feasibility study, and is looking for the following Part time Posts.

  1. Consultant: with a high degree in Environmental studies and a strong experience in epidemiological and environmental feasibility studies.
  2. Accountant ( with Experience in EU, or USAID projects)
  3. Coordinator. With previous experience in project coordination, ability to write high quality reports, and experience in fund raising.
  4. Health (epidemiology) researcher.
  5. Environmental researcher
  6. Administrative assistant. Preferably a female with knowledge of Fund raising. And a BA degree in relevant study.

High command of English language is required in all the previous posts. Please for those who are interested and qualify, to send their CVs, copy of certificates, and the full application to the NGO offices.   Deadline for applications is by 27th of May 2015